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For some 17 years, Lords Kakadu and Arnhemland Safaris operated a day tour product called Arnhemland Day Tour. This tour was one of the coolest attractions in the Northern Territory, and indeed, in all of Australia. Taking travellers through the Aboriginal lands of Arnhem Land, the tour provided a unique opportunity to explore 60,000 years of culture, history and natural beauty.

In 2016, we purchased the Arnhemland Day Tour from Lords Kakadu and made it the core tour product of Top End Day Tours. While the company name behind the tour has changed, the essence of the tour has not. We are still operating the tour in the same way Lords always did, offering day tour pickups in Jabiru and Darwin and running those trips every day. Like with the old Arnhemland Day Tour, we focus in and around the Arnhem Land settlement of Gunbalanya, where the famous Injalak Arts and Craft Centre is based.

The Perks of an Arnhem Land Jabiru Day Tour

So what do travellers get out of the Arnhem Land day tours we offer at Top End Day Tours? The list of benefits that comes from booking a tour with us is long and eclectic, but here are some of the big reasons to schedule your Jabiru day tour today:

  • Cultural immersion: If you begin your day tour in Jabiru, then you will already be in the Kakadu National Park. Kakadu is known worldwide as the hub of Aboriginal history in Australia. If you are just looking to see rock art and gorgeous views, then a tour of Kakadu National Park might do nicely. However, if you want to experience deeper cultural immersion, then an Arnhem Land tour is your best option. Gunbalanya is an actual Aboriginal culture, which means that the tours we offer at Top End Day Tours offer a more authentic cultural experience than the more sanitised experience you will get in Kakadu National Park. Our day tours from Jabiru will allow you to interact with Aboriginal people, learn from an Aboriginal guide and see Aboriginal artists at work—opportunities you won’t have anywhere else.
  • Exclusivity: The parts of Arnhem Land that you will explore on your tour are protected from unwanted intrusion. Access to these regions is extremely restricted, which means that you can only get in as part of a tour. Not even all tours are permitted to enter Arnhem Land, with Top End Day Tours standing as one of the few companies in the country with the necessary permits. This exclusivity means that our tours are more intimate, personal and relaxing than what you will get in the more tourist-heavy Kakadu National Park. It’s easier to enjoy the detail and scope of the ancient rock art or get a perfect photograph of the towering escarpments, beautiful billabongs or panoramic vistas.
  • Souvenirs: All of our Jabiru day tours to Arnhem Land end with a visit to the Injalak Arts and Craft Centre. Here, not only can you observe Aboriginal artists at work or see the beautiful and unique work of local artists, but you can also purchase a painting or a basket to take home as a one of a kind souvenir.

Make Your Visit to the Top End Unforgettable

If you want to get the most out of your visit to Australia’s top end, then spending a day in the Arnhem Land is essential. Booking a Jabiru day tour with Top End Day Tours will give you the unique experience you are seeking, with all of the perks listed above and much more. Call us on (08) 8948 2200 to book your spot on one of our tours today.