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Arnhem Land is one of Australia’s most awe-inspiring locales. These Aboriginal lands boast beautiful views and ancient rock art and are the home of one of the world’s oldest living cultures. However, the truth is that the Arnhem Land is far from a top tourist destination. This fact has nothing to do with lack of interest or popularity. Rather, Arnhem Land doesn’t see a lot of tourism because access to the territory is restricted in most cases. The indigenous owners of the land are very traditional with their values and don’t trust most visitors or tour operators to give their land the immense respect that it deserves.

Because of these restrictions, finding day tours from Darwin to Arnhem Land is no easy task. At Top End Day Tours, though, we can offer this type of experience. We run Darwin day tours to the Aboriginal lands, all with the blessing of local, indigenous leaders. If you want to see ancient rock art dating back tens of thousands of years, behold some of Australia’s most peaceful landscapes and learn about the Aboriginal culture from a local guide, a tour from Top End Day Tours is the way to do it all.

About Tours of Arnhem Land

If you are just looking for day tours starting in Darwin and aren’t necessarily concerned about the particular destination, then you may not realise the true privilege that Top End Day Tours has in our agreement with Arnhem Land leaders. As was mentioned above, access to Arnhem Land is exceedingly restricted. The owners of the property seek to control everything from how many people enter their lands to how many vehicles go through the territory. As such, neither tour operators nor lone tourists are mainly allowed to visit the area legally.

Just how rare are Arnhem Land tours? Consider this: there are just two day tour operators in all of Australia that is permitted to guide tours through the Arnhem Land. Of these two tour companies, Top End Day Tours is the only one offering day tours from Darwin. In other words, the experience that we provide is unique from anything you will find from any other Darwin day tour operator.

The restricted access to Arnhem Land helps local leaders to protect the natural beauty of the land, preserve its historical significance and keep ancient rock art pieces intact. An Arnhem Land day tour with Darwin’s Top End Day Tours will include visits to several key sites throughout the land, educational commentary from an Aboriginal guide, lunch, snacks and a visit to an Aboriginal art gallery. Through it all, you will have a chance to learn about Aboriginal culture and see sights that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.

Learn More about Darwin Day Tours to Arnhem Land

The Arnhem Land day tour that we offer at Top End Day Tours is the most unique day tour you will find in all of Darwin. The tour runs from May until the end of October, so be sure to call soon to book your spot. You can reach us directly by dialling (08) 8948 2200.