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Perhaps you are visiting Australia from a foreign country and want to absorb as much of the country’s culture as you can when you are here. Maybe you are a native, but have never spent much time exploring Australia’s Aboriginal roots? Either way, our goal at Top End Day Tours is to let you experience Aboriginal culture in a unique and firsthand fashion.

Top End Day Tours offers explorations of Australia’s Aboriginal lands, also known as Arnhem Land. Our day tours are significant cultural experiences that allow visitors to see key sites throughout the Arnhem Land with their own eyes. We are one of the few touring companies offering this type of experience in Australia, and our combination of non-indigenous guides and native Aboriginal guides ensures that you learn as much about the Arnhem Land as possible.

Experience an Ancient Culture

It’s not difficult to see why Arnhem Land tours are popular among Aussie natives and foreign world travellers alike. Some experts say that the Aboriginal culture of Australia is the world’s single oldest surviving culture. Indeed, the Aboriginal culture dates back a jaw-dropping 60,000 years. A day tour of the Arnhem Land, then, is a trip through time—not just a millennium or two, but thousands of millennia.

Our tours of Arnhem Land include visits to numerous significant cultural sites, including showcases of ancient Aboriginal rock art. The tour will also offer remarkable photo opportunities, featuring any one of the Arnhem Land’s expansive and beautiful landscapes. Above all, the tour will take you away from the bustle of modern life and give you a chance to get back to nature in a fun and rejuvenating way.

Seeing the rock art of the Aborigines is certainly the primary draw of the Arnhem Land day tours that we offer at Top End Day Tours. The Aboriginal culture has never had a formal written language, but the people have for thousands of years recorded their history and customs on the sides of rocks and the walls of rock shelters. Much of this rock art survives to this day, depicting everything from deities and religious ceremonies to animals that no longer exist. In fact, some of the creatures featured in Aboriginal rock art paintings are estimated to have become extinct between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago now. To experience a tour of Arnhem Land, then, is to experience a world that many of us can hardly even imagine anymore.

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Are you interested in learning more about the tours of the Arnhem Land that we offer at Top End Day Tours? If so, we encourage you to get in touch today. Our tours run six days a week (Monday through Saturday) and run throughout the dry season, from May to October. We are happy to provide more information about tour itineraries, recommended gear and more. Call us on (08) 8948 2200 to enquire about our Arnhem Land day tours now.